Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Update #3

Mom is doing great, she looks much better than she did a month ago.  She responded well to her first dose of chemo and is home preparing for her second dose on Monday (Feb.11).  She will be having chemo treatments every three weeks until the end of May.  The doctor gave her strict orders to limit visitors, she cannot get sick.  She was also told no kids.  This has been very difficult for the grandkids because their normal routine included visiting Grandma each day.  I will be sure to make updates if there are any changes with her condition and, again, we appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers.

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Jean Palmer said...

It is hard to have to "isolate" more than we want to but it is so important that she not get any bugs flying around. Chemo is hard enough and then something else on top is not a good thing.
I'm amazed at the lady! She is doing really well and her attitude is the best. It will be a long road but she's ahead already!!
We, as a family, are so blessed to have "in-laws" that we love so much. She and your Dad certainly fit into that category!!